Whisky and Distilleries

Yes, Scotland has a few distilleries and wherever you may be in The Highlands you'll never be too far from one.

They really are worth a wee visit so we out our own little guide webpage together featuring some informative video and brochure content, a guide to Scotland's Distilleries and "Uisge Beatha", the water of life

Guide to Scotland's Distilleries

This is a great online guide to Scotland's regions and distilleries. Have a flick through on your laptop, tablet or mobile.

The Making of Scotch Whisky

Speyside Malts

Speyside is perhaps the most prolific of the whisky producing regions of Scotland and is well within reach of all of the Loch Ness Hotels.This video gives an idea of what you may expect from a day out around Speyside's Distilleries.